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8 Essential Apartment Moving Tips for a Perfect Moving Day

apartment moving tips

Moving day can be a joy or a disaster.

There’s no need to have a difficult moving adventure when moving to your new apartment home. All you need is a plan and some guidance.

Here are eight apartment moving tips to make your move easier.

1. Don’t Pay For Boxes

Moving is expensive, but you can save money on boxes when moving apartments.

Everyone has items shipped to their homes these days. Hit up your friends for free boxes.

Or check out your local grocery store for discarded boxes.

2. Clearly Code and Label

When thinking through how to move from one apartment to another, details matter.

Find a coding system that works for you as you pack your boxes. Try a color-code system to easily group boxes by room to fill your new apartment.

Be sure to label each box clearly to know what’s in them when it’s time to unpack in your new apartment.

3. Measure Furniture

How does your new apartment measure up to your old space?

Measure your furniture before moving day. If something doesn’t fit, consider giving it away or donating it before you move.

Save the hassle of moving furniture you can’t use!

4. Pack Well

Knowing how to pack an apartment might seem obvious. But packing well is an art form.

  • Pack your dishes vertically instead of stacking them on top of each other.
  • Use towels and sheets for extra padding with delicate items
  • Use bubble wrap around each framed photo and mirror before placing inside boxes

Take extra care to make sure your belongings arrive at your new apartment without damage.

5. De-Clutter

For anything that isn’t critical to survival in your new home or sentimental to you, consider giving or throwing it away.

Moving is a great time to declutter.

Clear out and donate old clothes. Give used books to a school or library. Trash those extra twist-ties in your junk drawer.

6. Hire Professionals

If you trust your friends with your stuff, save money by recruiting them for free labor.

But to get the job done with less risk and to save your friendships, hire a moving company for the heavy stuff.

7. Take Photos

Before you turn in your keys, take photos of every room in your old apartment.

Then before you move anything into your new apartment, take photos of each empty room.

This step documents your empty spaces and can help get back your full security deposit.

8. Make it Fun

This is one of our favorite tips for moving into a new apartment. Moving is better with friends!

Have a packing party. Get your friends together, grab some wine and pizza, and make it a fun packing event.

Have your friends stop by on or after moving day for moral support and to help unpack.

Use These Apartment Moving Tips For A Smooth Move

Start life in your new apartment hassle-free! These apartment moving tips will help your next apartment move go smoothly.

If you’re looking for a new apartment, let us help. Contact us today!

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