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How to Spot a Great Rental: 7 Questions to Ask an Apartment Tour Guide

questions to ask apartment tour

You’ve seen an apartment for rent sign and booked a viewing with the agency. But what now? How do you make sure you’re getting a great rental?

More US households are renting property than at any point since 1965. People are more savvy about renting – and we want to make sure that you are too.

So if you’re looking for the best questions to ask an apartment tour guide? Read on!

1. How Much Is the Rent and When Is It Collected?

Find out what the monthly rental payment is. Ask the tour guide about how the rent is collected by the landlord.

Also, find out when payments are considered to be late. They often incur penalties so make sure you know when you’ll need to make payments.

Check what happens during public holidays if your rental payment is due on that day.

2. What Happens to the Deposit?

Ask how much the security deposit is. Find out where it’s held and what happens at the end of your rental term.

Is the deposit returnable? If so, you’ll need to do an inspection before you move in to document anything that might affect a later refund.

1 in 4 renters doesn’t get their deposit back so make sure you’re not one of them.

3. Which (If Any) Utilities Are Included?

Some apartments include utilities within the rental payment. Others may include cable or internet costs but you’ll need to pay for energy or water.

Find out which utilities you’ll be responsible for upfront. Then you can work out your monthly budget alongside the rent.

4. How Long Is the Rental Term and Can It Be Renewed?

Do you need flexibility in your lease? Check how long the agreement lasts. Rental agreements can often be on a rolling basis, giving you more flexibility.

But leases can last from six to twelve months. You’ll effectively be locked into the lease for that period. So make sure it suits you before you commit.

Ask what the process is should you need to leave early. And ask if you can renew your rental agreement should you enjoy living in the apartment.

5. Who Manages the Property?

There are plenty of benefits to living in an apartment. Having someone to handle maintenance issues is one of them!

Find out who handles these issues. Is it the landlord or a dedicated property manager?

Check what the process for raising issues is. And find out if you’ll be responsible for any maintenance yourself, like mowing a lawn.

Some landlords also carry out regular inspections of their apartments. Find out what the procedure is and how much notice they’ll give before coming in.

6. Are There Any Restrictions on Noise or Pets?

Some complexes and buildings have ‘quiet hours’. Tenants who repeatedly receive noise complaints may be asked to leave.

Find out if the building has these hours and when they are. If they don’t suit your lifestyle, then check out another building.

Likewise, if you have a furry friend, ask if you’re allowed pets in the apartment. If so, make sure your specific pet is covered by their policy.

7. Can I Personalize the Apartment?

Some landlords don’t mind tenants personalizing the apartments. Others won’t let you hang photos or install certain technology.

Ask what the policy is towards personalization. You don’t want to risk infringing the rules of the deposit scheme.

Write Down These Questions to Ask an Apartment Tour Guide

It’s safer to apply for apartments through a licensed agency since you’ll be handing over personal details like your social security number.

And now you know what questions to ask an apartment tour guide to make sure you get a great rental. If they can’t give you an answer, find out who to ask instead.

And if you’re looking for your new home in Newark DE, why not contact us?

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