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Top 5 Apartment Decor Tips for Those on a Budget

Apartment Decor

When getting adjusted to your new apartment, you must consider how you’ll decorate.

But you also have to be careful to decorate in a way that doesn’t violate your apartment’s rules. You probably have a decorating budget to watch, as well.

Even within a budget, it’s easy to make your apartment feel like home.

Here are our top five apartment decor tips for anyone on a budget.

1. Light it Up

The standard lighting in your apartment might not be your dream lighting design. That’s okay. You can adjust the lighting scheme in your apartment on a budget.

Some of the best small apartment ideas include bringing in your own lighting to give the place charm.

Leave the overhead light off. Choose a desk lamp or floor lamps to change the look of a room.

Lamps also allow you to choose LED bulbs or different types of light. And any time you can get away with it, leave blinds and curtains open for natural outdoor light.

2. Make it Bright

Along with your own lighting design, choose furniture with bright or neutral fabrics.  Avoid dark couches or recliners. They can feel bulky in a small apartment.

Light-colored furniture with colorful accent pillows helps make a room feel larger and brighter.

3. Reflect Your Space

Adding mirrors to small rooms helps a room feel bigger.

If your living room has a mantle, add a large mirror above it. The room will feel instantly bigger.

Do something similar in your bedroom. Or place a full-length mirror at the end of a hallway to make your apartment seem neverending.

Plus a full-length hallway mirror gives you a prime spot for those full-body selfies of your shoes and favorite outfit.

4. Store With Strategy

Depending on your lease agreement, you might not be able to attach shelves to the walls of your studio apartment.

But you can work around that. Use furniture that doubles as storage. Find a couch with drawers underneath. Choose a coffee table cube where you can tuck blankets inside when not in use.

5. Choose Art Wisely

Blank white walls do not make a cozy apartment. But you also don’t want to clutter your walls with too much art.

Busy wall decorations make your apartment feel dark and small. Choose one or two bright, simple statement pieces to hang on one wall in the living room. Put another one in the bedroom.

Then accent with small pieces if your walls still feel too bland.

Apartment Decor on a Budget Is Simple

Keep it simple when it comes to your apartment decor. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate tastefully.

Simple, bright designs and useful pieces of furniture make a small apartment more inviting. Any time you can use one piece for more than one purpose, you are winning the small room decor game.

If you’re looking for a new apartment to decorate in the Newark area, contact us today. We’ll help you find the perfect apartment for your lamps and wall art.

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